Creating an Innovative Testing and Information Solution for Today and the Future

Our Mission

SpectraPass is a technology solutions company that has developed a new testing platform. This platform utilizes machine learning to analyze host response to various pathogens.

Our novel solution allows for high quality and repeatable testing with the ability to rapidly scale at a fraction of the cost of many current commercial offerings.

Areas of application include pathogen detection, chronic diseases, precision medicine and various non-clinical analyses.

About Us

Innovation At Work

Our Unique Solution Allows Scalable, High Quality, and High Throughput Testing. Practical for Everyday Use.
Ability to create a national database to help support quick and efficient actions.
Ability to perform thousands of tests per day.
Fraction of the cost of traditional PCR testing.
Evaluate a person's data compared to a formulated machine learning model.
Detect different diseases with high accuracy and speed.
Our physics-based test utilizes a mass spectrometer to measure immune response.
Automation to facilitate repeatable, accurate results vs. a traditional lab.
Rapidly secure results delivered to an individual's smartphone.


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