Personal Pass Management
To Open Up Services

#1 personal repository to keep all your Passes, to enter venues, access services, and together open up the economy.



SpectraPass gets you the benefit and convenience of managing all entrance Passes, and presenting for service or access, allowing service providers to quickly authenticate your identity.


SpectraPass is signing up airlines, universities and businesses so that the economy can open up with healthy people going about their everyday lives.


SpectraPass authenticates you with government-issued IDs, so service providers do not have to do it.


SpectraPass allows you to store any Passes issued to you by various types of government, health or private entities allowing you to manage them with ease.

How it Works

About Us

SpectraPass was built by airlines veterans who needed to authenticate healthy passengers quickly and also receive the customer’s details directed by the customers themselves. The system is meant to ease entry and access for customers and to facilitate opening up businesses and the economy in a post-pandemic world.

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