I attest that this is an accurate representation of my contact information, symptoms, and exposure.

As a study participant, you will be required to complete UC Davis' informed consent process and receive testing for the study.

  • The purpose of the research is to study if there can be bio-markers from human samples using mass spectrometry machines. The inclusion criteria are any healthy adult of 18 years of age or older. Exclusion criteria is medical condition that makes collection of nasal swabs unsafe. The study will open for 12 months, of which first 3 months will be for collecting the samples and the rest of the time for data analysis.

  • For specimen collection, a nasal swab (anterior nares) will be collected by a trained researcher for one nostril. For the second nostril, the volunteer will perform a supervised nasal swab collection (again, anterior nares), and place the swab in a test tube. The tube is then properly labeled. All collection personnel will wear appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) during this time. The swabs are put on plates to enter the mass spec machines, which will provide the data for spectrum data analysis. Risks are minimal due to focusing on nasal swabs collected from the anterior nares. There are no direct benefits to the participants.

  • De-identified data will be stored for the duration of the study and Study personnel will have access to the de-identified data including SpectraPass.

  • Point of contact for any questions on the study will be Principal Investigator for the study, Dr Nam Tran, Associate Clinical Professor, UC Davis.

  • Participants can withdraw from the study at any time by emailing

I acknowledge that I have read the above statements and I give my consent.